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Record Pressing Machines LLC is a company that was formed by Greg Young and Donny Eastland in the Summer of 2015. Greg Young is the owner of Harpeth Machine, started in 1976 by his father. They were one of the original part manufactures for SMT. In 2003, Greg was contacted by United Record Pressing to build new automation for six former dual 7inch presses. Until 2008 Harpeth Machine supported URP with parts and consumables for the pressing and plating departments. Greg then moved in as a full time employee by URP to manage daily maintenance and make parts for SMT, Lened and Manual presses. His efforts at United Record Pressing created the 2 color 12" Lened press, the Griffin Iphone Cover, custom diameter records and many other specialties that URP offers. In the summer of 2015, Greg left URP to form RPM, LLC with Donny Eastland.

Donny Eastland started his Record Pressing career in 1975 working for, Southern Machine and Tool. They made the so called SMT machine and sold over 400 of them worldwide. Donny was the assistant plant manager and Installation Engineer at SMT. He installed the machines that are still running at Record Technology in California. He installed over 250 record pressing machines in the US, Canada, England, and Brazil. Donny was the Plant Manager for Volunteer Record Pressing for 3 years in the early 1980's. After many years working as an Industrial Engineer for Aladdin Industries the record pressing industry has recalled him. In July of 2014 he started working with Memphis Record Pressing to specify and design the plant facilities and to rebuild SMT presses and Hamilton presses. The first MRP records were made in December 2014. The plant is on target to produce over 2,000,000 records in 2016. Other clients are Gotta Groove Records, and Brooklyn Vinyl Works.

As Record Pressing Machines LLC, we support new and existing vinyl record pressing companies with replacement parts, technical assistance, equipment rebuilding and new equipment. We have the knowledge and expertise to help you make high quality records in the most efficient manner. If you have old SMT, Lened, or Hamilton presses, we make them work for you. Repair parts quickly provided at a reasonable cost. Trouble shooting any problem you have. Want to add presses to your existing facility? No problem. New automated presses in under 6 months. Want to build a new plant? We will design the facility and consult with you from beginning to pressing records. Even packaging. On site consulting and training available.